Great culinary feats don’t require fancy gadgets or designer oven mitts; they take a mastery of basic technique, and simple, high quality ingredients. Simplify your kitchen with the old-world quality and sustainability our great-grandparents practiced. 

Crafters and design shop owners love the quality and affordability of our aprons, towels and table runners. We can help with the embroidery, screen printing or custom cutting and sewing you need to create your vision. Learn more about our Services.

Luxury Bath:

If you haven’t used one of 1888 Mills’ bath towels, you haven’t felt luxury.

Thanks to 1888 Mills’ outstanding, USA-made quality, our bath towels offer durability, huge absorbency and an impossibly soft, fluffy texture.

Our bath towels are an elegant, long-lasting addition to your hotel, spa or bathroom linen closet, at prices you’d never find elsewhere. A thick terry weave and high fluff fibers mean that wash after wash, bath towels only get fluffier, more absorbent, and softer to the skin. Sizes range from 24-30 inches x 48-70 inches for standard towels, 30-35 inches x 60-70 inches for sheets. 100% terry or Pima cotton.


As soft goods experts for over 16 years, we’ve built relationships with the best mills and textile suppliers in the US, and the world. Our pillowcases and pillows are primarily USA made. For example, our Classic Pillowcases are made in one of the oldest and sturdiest textile mills in Georgia.

Pillows and pillowcases are made using quality, hypoallergenic materials. Luxurious enough for home use, cost-effective enough for a wide range of craft and commercial uses.