28x29 White Seconds

At ACS, we have an intense inspection process before our towels ship to our customers. We vet each product carefully under inspection lamps before we ship. Minor holes, bunched or broken threads – any slight defect can send flour sack towel to our seconds bin. But, rather than throwing them into a landfill, we thought "why not see how we can use these?"

So, our Flour Sack Towel Seconds are just that - slightly imperfect versions of our fabulous Flour Sack Towels. Our standard flour sack towels are made from our cotton flour sacking material. These flour sack towels are perfect for using in crafting, for gifts and everyday use in the kitchen. They are washed, bleached and rinsed, then hand-folded and inspected before shipment, giving you beautiful, residue-free towels ready to use. They come blank, so you can embroider, screen print, or otherwise decorate them - or leave them plain.

These slightly imperfect towels are awesome for using in your kitchen, cleaning up your craft project, experimenting with a new medium, practicing with dye, or any other textile job you can think of. It's still our fabulous flour sack like grandma had - at prices grandma would be more willing to pay.

Available in 28×29″ White

* Size Tolerance: 2-3 inches

Imported Material Finished in Michigan

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