Flour Sack

Flour Sack Towels & Napkins

Americans have loved using flour sacks for generations. They’re still the best bargain when it comes to cleaning and baking, and they’re endlessly useful for crafting.

Old-world quality flour sack material is hard to come by these days, but we know flour sack, and we know our suppliers. We guarantee our flour sack linens will offer the exact same quality and usefulness our grandparents knew.

So ditch the disposable towels, and get creative with sustainable flour sack linens.

All Flour Sack Linens are:

  • lint free
  • 100% cotton
  • single weave
  • absorb like paper towels
  • dry faster than blended retail kitchen towels
  • scratch and smear-free
  • pre-washed and pre-shrunk
  • resistant to unraveling
  • inspected under quality lamps before shipment

Perfect for every type of cleaning, crafting and baking!

Flour Sack Towels give you supersoft, absorbent cleaning that’s free of lint, scratches or smudges. Wash and polish kitchen countertops, eyeglasses, windows, TV screens, smartphones, tablets, glassware and chrome.

Crafters love our Deluxe Flour Sack Towels, napkins and table runners for embroidery, block printing, stamping and screen printing. For high volume crafters, we offer screen printing, labeling and logistics services as well.

Bakers also love using our Standard Flour Sack Towels to make pies, cheeses, puddings, bread and many other culinary treats.

Stop wasting money and paper on disposable napkins. Our authentic American Flour Sack material has soft absorbency and endless re-usability, make it the perfect material for durable, absorbent – and classy – napkins.

Everyday individuals love using our napkins in their own kitchens at the dinner table. Flour Sack Napkins are also a favorite of designers and crafters for embroidery and printing.

Please note: Due to high-volume ordering, there is a minimum 5-10 day delay as we process your towels for ordering.