Why do we sell soft goods

February 03, 2016

ACS stumbled on the need for quality soft goods from the downturn in the economy after 911. We had to make a decision, sell soft goods like everybody else or create a new system. We mostly sell “B2B” which is business to business, it also called “commercial textile sales” which is different than “retail textile sales”. Retail soft goods generally are prewashed and not made the same as commercial grade. Commercial grade soft goods are made a little more sturdy because of the frequency of use. Commercial grade also takes several washing to fluff up the fibers for softness and absorbency.

We decided to create the ACS way, which is work with known textile mills that produce the quality we want with consistency. We look at every item that comes in and goes out of ACS. ACS communicates with our customers from early contact to tracking numbers when order is shipped. The ACS way is quality soft goods with first class customer service. Selling quality soft goods is challenging and rewarding. All of the employees at ACS enjoy the contact with customers. We love to see our customers new designs, and projects they are involved in. Creating a personal connection and experience with our customer is what we strive for.

ACS soft goods are a happy balance between quality and cost. This creates a client base that is very diverse from high end to regular everyday people like us. We have shipped kitchen towels and napkins to high level government dinner parties. Weddings, dinner parties, conventions, company picnics are some of the projects we see. We enjoy working with celebrities and regular folks like us. Small brick and mortar shops is a group of customers we specialize in. Etsy and Ebay E-tailers are a similar group we work with. Small crafters selling at craft shows on the weekends. We love our customers and the soft goods.

There is so much exciting stuff going on with the textiles it is hard not to have fun. We have a new kitchen towel that is made with organic cotton grown in Texas, loomed in South Carolina , cut and sewn in Michigan. This should be coming online soon, it is in limited production right now as we work on cost and efficiencies. We received new color material for our mission towel line that is fresh and new. There is always something new in colors and design that makes the job so much fun.


At ACS we take care of orders, receive stock, ship orders. The ACS website has updates and maintenance that need regular work.. Our shipping and receiving computer systems have updates and changes that we need to learn and be part of. There are so many behind the scene part and pieces that need maintained and updated that keep us really busy.

Because of the diversity in people, projects,systems and the different soft goods our day is never boring. At ACS the day goes by very quick  because selling quality soft goods our way is the fun way.