What's Up: January Edition

February 03, 2017

Happy Friday!

We're starting to get back into our routines and rhythms here at ACS - and that includes getting back to a regular blog schedule!

So here's what we've been up to the last month - first month of the year!

Lori: Just after Christmas, I made an arrangement of plants. Anthurium, Mass Cane plant, and Bromeliad make up this tropical planter. Hopefully it'll put a smile on the heart that it's meant for.IMG_0379


Angie: I hate veggies but I tried spaghetti squash and kind of liked it.20170125_182114


Alexis: I've enjoyed spending time with family, unwinding after the busy holiday season!IMG_06171


Shelby: I've started my nursing program at school - super busy!


Meghan: I am thankful for my amazing support system and for purple tulips this monthIMG_4309


So what about you? What did you do this month?