What's Up: 2016 Edition

December 30, 2016

We're finishing up a final month...and we're thrilled to review the year's highlights!

Angie: "umm - my son got MARRIED this year!!"


Cassidy: "I've really loved spending time with my ACS Work Family!"

IMG_12191 (1)

Ted and Kara enjoyed Kara's graduation and transition into working in the family business.

Kara Prom


Patty: Had one son graduate, and one get married - a big year!



Shelby: had a brother go off to boot camp - always a big change!



Judy: has enjoyed spending time with her (growing up) family!



Jessee has really enjoyed starting her boutique back up this year!



Terri: Has enjoyed seeing Shaelin grow up!



Necia: Got to watch her grandkids grow up!


Alexis: "I've enjoyed all kinds of changes this year - my younger brothers leaving for college, my crazy dog, new job, and new friends!"



Lori: Got to enjoy her kids and grandkids staying with her as they build their home!