Tweet Tweet

May 23, 2011

Twitter has evolved into a very useful tool.  Mat Drudge from the Drudge Report has twitter and figured out that he has 80 thousand plus followers and he is following one. How is this good?

You say “I thought you want to follow a bunch of people and have a bunch of people follow you”. Not so fast, let me explain. Look how fast technology has changed in the last 20 years. We went from land line telephones to cellular telephone and mobile internet. Think how fast you can get and send information. I think the President is wrong in saying there is too much information. Think of a painter at a job site, he sends one of his employees out to get more paint. While at the paint store he realizes he needs more paint. He uses his cell phone to call his employee at the paint store to get another gallon of paint. This goes on every day. From painters, to doctors to kids calling mom for a ride. We save huge amount of energy and fuel from this technology. How does this affect what the President said about information? Information created the technology for cellular phones to be smaller and better quality. This is just cell phones. Think of all the other things better technology has created and improved. Better medicine, higher quality food, new textiles and coatings, plastics, polymers, navigation, energy the list goes on.

I think twitter will evolve into an improved tool just from natural progression and usage. Still confused? Try this, one of my favorite restaurants in my hometown is Stromboli’s, the tradition for this type of business marketing is to create a website or blog and hand out coupons on the site with a map. Plus some other info to keep you coming back. Fine and handy, but I do not need a map, and frankly I do not care about coupons. I love the place. But if they would use twitter to tell me the Lasagna is $9.75 on Monday. Tuesday is something different. That is useful, you might call it spam, I do not, I choose to follow the business, and twitter is meant to be quick information. I can read Lasagna for $9.75 on Monday much faster than a email and its not tying up my inbox. I think it’s perfectly ok for a business to blast out specials and info and do nothing on the social media part of the deal.

What’s wrong with this? The restaurant, electrician, TV station can set up another twitter account for the social networking. I checked twitter, only a few local news stations are doing weather on twitter. How cool would it be, if I could have the few business I like, the news and weather I like, plus the people I like to follow in one place, that is quick and easy. Blog posting is for my RSS feed, like reading a newspaper, while email is for communicating like snail mail used to be, and twitter is for quick info I need to make my life better.  Back to my technology rant, I am not saying because of twitter we will be flying around in helicopters and have robot maids like the Jetsons. No, but I am saying an improved twitter can and will add to our quality of life. Life is good and its getting better every day because of the advances of technology. Improved gathering and storage plus transportation of information, this will help all of us.