Let's Get Crafty: Mother's Day

April 28, 2016

Did you remember Mother's Day is next Sunday? Do you have plans?

What are you going to do?

Well, mothers like handmade, right? And bags?

Behold, the Watercolor Bags!



These were sooo simple to do. We took a children's watercolor set, and Martha Stewart's Fabric Medium (we found it at Michael's), and our Standard Totes, and got started!

Tote3*Note: I preferred the Standard Tote instead of the Deluxe Tote for this project, because they have a very smooth texture, which is easy to paint on. However, we also did(as you will see) our Zipper Bags, which are more like canvas, and they did just fine as well.

You seriously just paint like you would on a regular medium:



Once you've painted your design, go over it again with your fabric medium(we got our directions from this website).

*Note: it will blur your design, so make sure your design(and your artist) can handle it:



But BE CAREFUL - it will drip! IMG_0411

Then, let your masterpiece air-dry, and put into the dryer so it can heat-set. You're done!








What are you doing for Mother's Day?