Cloth Napkins - Real World Edition

May 13, 2016

There are so many articles out right now about using cloth napkins. And truly, they are such a cost-effective, eco-friendly option I feel slightly guilty about using paper towels.  But I feel like so many of them are just too high maintenance. There's the having the napkins handy, then where do you put them when they're dirty, and how often do you have to wash them.

Well, turns out there is a HUGE community of bloggers who are making the switch. And they are so helpful with different tips and tricks on how to make cloth napkins work for you.

For example, this article talks about choosing huck towels instead of regular napkins. (And, BTW, we actually have huck napkins) Wellness Mama also has some great solutions for how to use cloth napkins in real-life, everyday ways.

This article has some fabulous ideas on making cloth napkins work in everyday life(I really like how they recommend you clean them). And this article has a beautiful basket idea for holding them.

All these articles convinced me that cloth napkins are not just better, but they are cheaper, doable and really beautiful. So, I went to our warehouse, and took a look at the options that are literally under my nose:

standard casualStandard Flour Sack Napkin. These are what I would use for everyday. These are super absorbent and soft, which I think gives off more of a casual vibe. I can see these being thrown into a lunch bag for on-the-go use as well. They come in White, too!



Deluxe Flour Sack Napkin. These are great for both casual and formal dining. You'll find they are a bit "stiffer" in texture than the Standard napkin, so they hold up to fancy folds better. I think they have more of a "linen" feel than any of our other napkins as well.

stripStriped Napkin. These are the previously undiscovered gem of the ACS offerings. I. Love. These. Seriously, these napkins are so beautifully soft and drapey, and they just look so elegant - and yet I could see these in a bistro or a Mexican taco bar, too.



Huck Napkin. Again, before today I didn't even know these existed. They are stiffer, but have such a beautiful texture, no matter what you do, casual, formal, in-between, it really won't matter - they're going to look fabulous.



Momie Napkin. These are beautifully soft, with a lot of "body", so you can do things with them, but they don't have a lot of texture. I think they are the most versatile option  - you can go uber-fancy, or uber-casual with them, and it looks phenomenal either way. They were our favorite napkin to photograph for our Easter blog post.

I think, with all these amazing options, I'm going to be making the switch. Are you? Let us know!