ACS at Home: Easter Tablescapes

March 25, 2016

Happy Friday!

With today being Good Friday, we all tend to go into a bit of panic when we think that only one day separates us from the chaos that is Easter Sunday. Do the kids have their clothes? Have the kids already ruined their clothes? Do we have all the food we need? *Gasp* I FORGOT TABLE DECORATIONS!!


With just a few simple tweaks to what you already have, you can make a beautiful table for your Easter feast. Here we used simple, colorful dishes and fresh flowers to make some truly unforgettable table settings.


Easter Breakfast

Easter Breakfast  

 The Easter Breakfast Table. As if you didn’t have enough to do Easter morning, your wonderful family also expects to be fed. Here we just took a simple cotton table runner, added a cotton napkin, and put our fabulous breakfast dishes with a mason jar of tulips. No ironing needed.

Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch

Sometimes, those Easter brunches are just easier for everyone. More time to prepare, more time to wake up, more time to relax. Your table should match that vibe! Here we used the same table runner, same napkin, but we switched out our place settings for a more spring green, and added a beautiful water glass. A simple flower bunch centerpiece(and favor at each setting) pulls everything together for a simple, yet breathtaking brunch table for your family.

Easter Lunch

Easter Lunch

Sometimes, we just want to keep it super simple. Mix up your dishes colors, add a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers, and enjoy your family. We love how the colors of the tulips play off the colors of the dishes. The beautiful vintage water glass just raises the whole look up a notch.

Whimsical Easter

Whimsical Easter

Hey, you have a fun, quirky sense of style. Why not bring that out? We found some fun little Easter chicks, and they make such a fun addition to the table - we couldn’t say no to these little beauties! Whether it’s your crazy Easter bunny salt shakers, or your 3-foot Peter Cottontail, add a little dash of whimsy to your Easter festivities.

Formal Easter

    Formal Easter Dinner

Sometimes, you just need to kick it up a notch. We layered a simple white placemat over a beautiful, textured cotton table runner, added our fancy dishes, folded a beautiful napkin over top, and added our flowers. Here, the dishes are what makes everything seem formal - no extra time needed!
Do you have any Easter meal traditions? Do your preparations include a special dish, or table settings? Tell us your #eastertraditions