6 Weeks Later

February 26, 2015

95% percent back to where we were before January 9th. If you ask me were we are at dealing<

with the flood that is my answer, at 6 weeks later.We are currently shipping, cutting and sewing at

full production. All or our computers are back online. There is some stock that has to be put back on

CAM00609shelves and stock that needs to be purchased and put away. I can say for
 myself and the rest of the team,that it was a much bigger project to get
back on our feet than we thought.The first day we had to move
production area and the offices into the warehouse. The following week was

spent drying the carpets and walls. Insurance agents came in to access the damage and contractors
<CAM00625  to  submit bids plus other companies that would be needed. It was a very busy

week. The second week construction started on a new ceiling and walls, the fire

sprinklers had to be repaired. During these first few weeks we had to take orders,

pack and ship in temporary stations we set up. It was not very fast or efficient but

we managed to get by.Our thought was not to let this get us down, immediately we

started to make plans how we could come back stronger and better. We decided better overhead lighting

CAM00621  was important. The very brightest fluorescent lighting was

installed. Better work benches we felt were necessary,something with extra shelves

and the right height so back and arms do not get tired. The work flow from one

station to the next was improved as well. We purchased 120 plastic bins for

finished goods.There were a lot of changes big and small made.

The overall consensus by our team and everybody that sees the finished product, we did what we said we

CAM00622would do. All the work might not be done and we are at 95% completion, but

I would say we are 100% stronger, more efficient and happier.

We could not have done this without awesome vendors, and awesome

customers.Thanks for all the help.