Meet The Team


Ted, Owner, Sales

A cross between Willy Wonka and a bartender, Ted holds everything(and everyone) together while dreaming crazy new dreams. 


Alexis, Creative Direction, Project Management

A storytelling lover of beautiful things, who thinks there is a Shakespeare quote for every situation, Alexis is the Customer Service Satisfaction and Social Media Manager for ACS Home & Work. When not blogging, searching for photos, or working with customers, she likes to spend her time reading old books and watching great movies while snuggling with her new husband, eating dairy-free ice cream.


Angela, Screen Print Management

Glamliciously fabulous, with just the right amount of sass. Keep her supplied with coffee and there's no dream she can't help you achieve!


Lori, Designer

An artsy mom/grandma who is always exploring new ways to sweep her brush across any canvas - a catalog, a logo, a chair, an empty room, a towel -using a mouse, a wacom pen, a wet paint brush, an ink squeegee, colored pencils or markers.


Shelby, Shipping 


Judy, Production

An ever-optimistic child of God who LOVES to sew. 

judy b

Judy, Production Assistant

Judy enjoys working with her hands on a variety of different things, including sewing, cross stitching, gardening and more.

 Terri, Production, Screenprinting Assistant

Necia, Assistant

She's a tropical, fun-loving girl 

Patty, Inventory Management/ Fulfillment Specialist