Caring for Towels

We recommend that you always wash towels before use, to remove sizing and residue. The more you wash, the “fluffier” and more absorbent your towels will become!

Care of Towels

Flour Sack Towels: Wash in warm water. Tumble dry low. Iron and bleach as needed. DO NOT use fabric softener - it affects towels’ absorbency.

Separate colored from whites. Bleach white towels as needed.

When ironing cotton, use a hot iron on steam setting for best results. Be aware that ironing colored towels will discolor them temporarily - once they cool, they go back to their original color! 

Smooth freshly dried towels before folding, to prevent wrinkles

Examine towels periodically for loose ends and pulled threads. CLIP, don’t pull loose threads

Rotate linens regularly

Wash aprons in cold water, delicate cycle, and hang to dry

NEVER iron terry towels, as it flattens loops and reduces absorbency

For screen printed towels, wash in warm water and hang to dry to preserve the print.

For Cafe towels, wash in warm water, tumble dry low. Fold immediately to prevent wrinkles

For Dyed towels, wash the first time with like colors. Colors will remain true - no special care needed.