June 26, 2017


Happy Friday!

As you may have noticed, here at ACS we're starting to clean out our closets. We're putting things on sale, selling equipment on Craigslist, and generally trying to defeat the clutter.

So, we wanted to let you know about one of our more unusual products, the WONDER CLOTH:

wonder cloth

But, we weren't really sure how to use them ourselves, so we did some experimenting. They are really absorbent, so we cut one up, and it became:

  1. A Plant Coaster (it's totally a thing)


2.  A Coaster (you know, a coaster-coaster)


3. A soap-free Car Cloth



4.  A Cleaning Cloth



5. A Dish cloth (This is probably our favorite)



But, we'd like to know what YOU would use them for. So, use coupon code


And get 25% off the sale price on this towel now through Friday, Sept. 30.


Send us a picture of you using the Wonder Cloth, and we'll email you a coupon that you can use on any product in the store, now through the end of the year. You just have to have a verified purchase of Wonder Cloths.

Good luck!